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Many variables influence a good fit.
The selection of the right dimensions guarantees a durable industrial product of high quality.

Our tables are sorted by the shaft diameter of the rivet (Ø d).
We determined the necessary clamping force (shear force) in stress tests. However, our tests can only show a range within which a rivet may be interesting for you – as the materials you wish to join play an important role.
Please contact our technicians and ask them for advice if you are not sure whether your quality demands can be fulfilled. With pleasure, we determine the appropriateness in a series of tests with your product samples.

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Our rivets offer the following features:
uniriv icon

can be used for different fixations at a work-piece thanks to the large clamping range and a distinctive bearing stress.
topriv icon

the specific design implements a closing head generation with a high clamping force and a high torque. An easy handling and quick setting sequence are archived by the conical end of the shaft.

is mainly used in the electronic industry.
The rivet is available either in an insulating design (by a delta seal coating) or in a conducting version with tinned surface.
(materials: aluminium / brass / copper/ ...)
turnriv icon

this rivet is provided with a thread-forming shaft and is used for detachable rivet connections which can be screwed off after setting with an allen key.
rivsert icon

the rivet of different female threads is used for fixing or joining printed circuit boards. The rivet is mainly used to connect electronic components..